Stuff My Kid Draws

My 5 year old daughter is quite the talented artist (if I don’t say so myself!) The thought and detail that she puts into each work of art makes me proud….and also makes me laugh! I’d like to share some of my favorite pieces from the past year. You’ll also get to know her better!

Here is our family:

Mom, Brianna, Dad, and Joshua (the itty bitty one….he’s 3) We no longer own the 20 button shirts…

Here is me in front of my home. We don’t really have a chimney…or 2 levels. I’m not sure when our door caught fire.

She likes princesses:

Rapunzel with her long, flowered braid.

Ariel during her apple shape phase with Flounder.

Beauty and the Beast.

She likes to play dress up….and imagine that others do:

Mom and Brianna as Snow White

Dad as Snow White. I can assure you that my husband does NOT cross dress.

What to wear…..what to wear…..

She does not like monsters:

Princess does not like the monster.

Monster under the bed. Mommy is now protecting Brianna by sleeping with her and protecting her with my Mommy powers. (Wish I could have the sheet over me, though.)

Some monsters are happy. And wear crowns.

She’s interested in retail:

Grocery store – produce section. Florida is known for their oranges. Shopper looks slightly concerned about them toppling…

Donut store. I think people are more interested in the cashier’s freakishly long legs than the donuts.

Cupcake store. Yes, you can buy a cupcake with lit candles at any time of day…from a midget.

Royal Animals:
Not Royal:

She likes ballet:

And her friend, Gage:

I could have sworn that Gage had hands and feet.

And the zoo:

Bet you never saw a dwarf elephant.

And picnics involving only fruit (and slightly elevated seating):

She drew this Christmas scene….in June. I don’t think reindeer know how to fly in June.

Whoa Rudolph!!!!

This is a princess named “Flower Power” and her friend Gillup (pronounced Jill-Up). Yes, Gillup. We don’t know a Gillup.We don’t know a Flower Power either.

They can’t take their eyes off of each other.

A little something she drew for her brother’s 3rd birthday:

Minnie should really tone down the lipstick a bit.

This is an airplane fit for a princess.

Pilot is not happy about flying the princess plane.

This is the girl who needs to be rescued from a tree that is hovering over clouds and birds.


Lastly, she writes very well:

Don’t judge. I used to live in Vegas.

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3 Responses to Stuff My Kid Draws

  1. LOVE her drawings!!

  2. Kathy says:

    Those are fantastic! We miss you Brianna 🙂

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