Raising a Princess

In January of 2007, I found out the gender of my first born child: a girl. I was thrilled! How fun it would be to dress her up in sundresses, ruffly bottoms and pigtails! I was also thinking about the items people would be buying her when she was born. PINK! An abundance of pink. Oh no, I couldn’t have too much pink. I told family members not to focus on just pink. I reminded them that there was a rainbow full of colors. I’m sure they all rolled their eyes at me, but most people realize I’m just a control freak that you shouldn’t bother arguing with. Her nursery was pink and green. Her accessories were sage green. I was not going to drown in a sea of pink if I could help it! Then a couple years later, I was teaching my daughter about colors. The first one she figured out was pink. OK, just a coincidence, right? Today, my 5 year old’s favorite color is….pink! Her wardrobe is filled with pink. Her bedroom colors are pink. You name it – it’s probably pink! (Unless, it’s purple.)

My other foolish thought as a naive new Mom was that I would steer clear of princesses. I’ve never been a fan of people calling their daughter, their “princess.” I would not be doing this. My daughter would be a strong and smart woman, not a weak and spoiled princess. I was doing a fairly good job at avoiding the princess phase, until around age 3 when Rapunzel arrived. That princess with the gorgeous, magical hair and purple dress managed to put my daughter and her friends into a princess trance of sorts. Soon she had the purple dress and the movie and the coloring books…. OK, I can handle one princess. However, it didn’t stop there. There was Ariel and Belle and Sleeping Beauty and Tiana and of course Cinderella! Every year there’s a new princess added to the mix! Then just when you think a princess character has faded away, they come back in Blu-ray. Will you just settle down, Disney?! We now have a library of movies, a box full of princess gowns, mini princesses, Barbie sized princesses, baby doll princess, princess backpack, tiaras, jewelry, shoes, books, the list goes on! My daughter is a princess. I do not call her a princess – she does. She creates artwork and books about princesses. She even sings a made up princess song while she dances with her prince, also known as her little brother.

Speaking of her brother, my daughter has been getting him into the mix. It started so innocently with a simple headband. Then came the wings he wore so proudly one day. It was almost as if my daughter was training me to accept this. Small doses. It was all so cute and innocent. After all, I was sad that I only had one daughter to dress up in cute ruffles and bows. I always thought my son would have been so pretty if he had been born a girl.

Then things went a little crazy…..

I have finally accepted that I really have no control over what my daughter chooses to obsess over. I should have known better. I always wanted to do things my own way too. Just because my daughter loves princesses, doesn’t mean she isn’t a strong girl. In fact, my daughter is quite headstrong. She is incredibly smart and creative too. She also likes to play with her brother’s trucks, trains and dinosaurs. She likes to build with LEGOs. No, my daughter will not be the weak princess waiting for her prince to save her from worldly dangers. Her beauty and fashion sense will simply complete the amazing girl that she is.

Yes, I can deal with the princesses and let her be. This is not a battle that needs to be fought. After all, I know what lies ahead: Justin Bieber and boy bands. She will NOT be obsessed with them. No way. I mean it!

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