Napping – Defined by My Son

It all starts off so promising. “Joshua, it’s time for a nap.” Even if he pushes back, I inevitably get him into his bed, give him a sip of water and a kiss on the cheek. I walk out and shut the door and hope to enjoy, what will hopefully be, a couple hours of blissful silence and my son having a peaceful rest:


Joshua has other plans though. As soon as the door clicks shut, it is him time to party like a preschool rock star.

He has this little frog lovey that you can see in the above picture. His name is Fwoggy, of course. I’ve learned that Fwoggy is the instigator and Fwoggy likes to party. Joshua and Fwoggy start to chat and the conversation quickly escalates into hooting and hollering. The party goes from the bed to the recliner and essentially all over the room. I figure if he’s out of my hair for a bit, then no harm done. I still have my trusty video monitor for a reason! It has captured the partying for a couple of years now. For example, this was the gymnastics party he had before we converted his crib:


After a while, I’m guessing that Fwoggy does something to irritate Joshua, because that’s when the screaming begins. It goes on and on. Sometimes it’s playful and sometimes it’s angry. It eventually ends and the calm chatter continues…..and turns into singing. We’re talking about a full-on concert. Just when I thought the holidays were four months behind us, he starts up with Jingle Bells and FaLaLaLaLa and all those holiday favorites. There are the Disney Jr. favorites such as Mickey Mouse’s “roll call,” Little Einstein’s “Rocket Ship,” and of course Doc McStuffin’s “Tiiiiiiime for your CHECKUP!” Of course “Happy Birthday”, the ABCs, “Old McFarmer” and other educational tunes are in the mix. I won’t deny it, the kid can sing! Unfortunately, I tend to fall asleep at night to the sound of one of these songs still ringing in my head.

After the concert, there’s is more discussion with Fwoggy. Then the chatter sounds really loud. That is when Joshua is now talking to anyone who will listen to him through the bottom of his door. The other day I heard “Mommy? Mmmmwwwah! Mommy.” Then I heard “Daddy? Hey Daddy, I had a good nap!” If one of us walks by the room and he sees our feet he shouts “Hey, come here! I see you!” I should mention that his door isn’t locked, but he will still sometimes reach out like a caged up animal begging for freedom:


On my lucky days, he will wear himself out and fall asleep….somewhere…..anywhere really:

IMG_2374  IMG_3331

IMG_3861   IMG_3663

IMG_3635   IMG_3296

Why do I take so many pictures of him napping? Because 1. It amuses me and 2. He’s napping. He’s nearing age 4 and I know the naps are slowly going away. These days, I’m grateful for the time he plays OR naps in his room so that I can pull myself together for the next round of his energy within the rest of the house.

As for the mess on the floor? I ask Joshua about that when he wakes up. “How did all that stuff end up on the floor?” His response was “Fwoggy did it.” Of course. 🙂

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1 Response to Napping – Defined by My Son

  1. Ann B says:

    Adorable! Our kids used to fall asleep under the couch… I didn’t care where as long as there was sleep. Thanks for sharing, enjoy the final days of napping. Though you never know, Willow was so tired after morning kindergarten she started napping again.

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