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The Quest for a Virtual Job

I haven’t written much about my job hunt lately since there honestly hasn’t been much exciting to report. Job “offers” have been recanted, interviews have reached dead ends and the hunt simply continues. For now I’ve been keeping busy with … Continue reading

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How to Almost Ruin a Kid’s Birthday Party

My daughter turned six last month. She wanted a party, so I carefully planned out something that I thought would be easy. Last year we held her party at a local kids gym type place. Now that was easy. Hardly … Continue reading

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The Love/Hate Relationship with a 3 Year Old

Age three. In my six years of parenting, age three has proven to be the most challenging age….ever. Three year olds are speaking more clearly but expressing themselves poorly. They have high demands and no patience. They know exactly how … Continue reading

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Napping – Defined by My Son

It all starts off so promising. “Joshua, it’s time for a nap.” Even if he pushes back, I inevitably get him into his bed, give him a sip of water and a kiss on the cheek. I walk out and … Continue reading

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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I can’t have nice things. I have two children and a dog. They have taken over my house and their tiny hands have destroyed it little by little. I clean. I organize. It doesn’t matter. I have two huge sets … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Helicopter Mom

This isn’t much of a confession as it is a realization that I’ve had for some time now. I’m a helicopter Mom. I’m the Mom that some recently shared blog posts are talking about. The hovering Mom at the park. … Continue reading

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The Church Attempt

I used to consider myself to be a pretty good Catholic girl. I went to Mass by myself on a weekly basis, prayed regularly and just tried to be an overall good Catholic. I had both of my children baptized, … Continue reading

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